• If the child cannot come to school, school must go the him - Swami Vivekananda


    Ekal Gram Sangathan

    With the sole purpose of making Ekal a self-reliant, lively movement of general masses, particularly across villages of India, in 2018 all the State Voluntary Organizations (SVOs) created earlier, were merged/transformed into a single organisation called Ekal Gram Sangathan in the form of a registered society under Society Act 1860. EGS undertakes field operations to inculcate ownership among local communities, and raises resources from villages and towns.

    Our Impact

    We are working on improving the lives of over 31,00,000 young patrons through direct primary educaton.

    With the sole purpose of making Ekal a self-reliant, lively movement of general masses, particularly across villages of India, in 2018 all the State Voluntary Organizations (SVOs) created earlier, were merged/transformed into a single organisation called Ekal Gram Sangathan in the form of a registered society under Society Act 1860. EGS undertakes field operations to inculcate ownership among local communities, and raises resources from villages and towns.We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 25,000 young people through direct practice.

    What we do

    We are a non-profit organization on a mission to provide basic education to every child in rural India. Join us to join the Ekal movement. We believe the best way to accomplish our mission is to encourage people around the world to embrace our    cause. Single is active in over 10 countries around the world.

    Our Chapters

    Panchmukhi shiksha

    Prathmik Shiksha

    Education is Ekal’s trademark program. Since 1989, we’ve brought literacy and opportunity to over 10 million students in 102,000 rural villages. When children learn, they uplift themselves and their families, transforming lives and futures.Our innovative, single-teacher model has led to long-term, generational impact. Village by village, student by student, Ekal is empowering rural India.

    Aarogya Yojna

    Telemedicine-Enhanced Arogya is a community health program that provides rural villages with critical medical services and health education.Through telemedicine and preventative health trainings, TEA gives people living without sufficient healthcare resources the information and support to thrive.TEA works by training local women to be community health workers, called Arogya Sevikas. Arogya Sevikas serve their local community, providing on-the-ground resources and connecting patients to doctors via telemedicine.

    Gram Swaraj Yojna

    Gram Swaraj Yojna Focuses towards providing skills training and resources to build sustainable rural economies. Under this, Gramothan Resource Centers are high-end facilities that provide skills training and resources to people in villages, with the goal of helping villages become thriving centers of economic activity. From teaching sustainable farming practices to linking village micro-entrepreneurs to major market opportunities, GRCs promote rural innovation

    Integrated VIllage Development

    The campaign has made its mission to work for 40 million forest dwellers, expected, marginalized, and oppressed villagers across the country. The campaign aims to awaken a sense of ownership in this brave society, awaken their self-esteem, and launch a grassroots campaign to obtain their rights. The foundation of their lives is based on water, forests, land, and the protection of animals. The main objective of the Gram Swaraj scheme is to give voice to the pain of rural people, increase their strength, and prepare them for the struggle. It is necessary to inform the people of the village about the welfare schemes being implemented by the central and state governments for the upliftment and development of the rural population. Cooperation is needed at the Panchayat and block levels as per the requirements of these welfare schemes. To achieve such goals and strengthen the organization, strong committees are formed at the village, block, region, sub-division, and state levels. The plan to bring Gram Swaraj to every person in the village is to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams. Therefore, the Ekal Abhiyan has established the “Gram Swaraj Forum” through the Swaraj Senanis in every village in India. Its slogan is “Our Land – Our Rule, Gram Swaraj in Every Village”. Through the Abhyuday Club, the youth of every village are being developed through sports programs and their communities. IVD concentrates multiple education, health, and skills training projects on a particular cluster of villages for sustainable impact that reaches everyone in the community.Our integrated approach means sustainable, scalable, long-lasting impact for millions of people living in rural India.

    Culture Education

    The soul of India resides in the village and the village is the identity of Indian culture. The main task of cultural education is to keep intact the emergence of Indian culture. Through satsang in every village, the villagers have to be immersed in the intoxication of devotion. Brothers and sisters living in the village return home after working hard for the whole day, then they take the support of alcohol to remove their tiredness. But this causes his physical weakness, dissatisfaction and discord in the family. It is said that the intoxication of devotion is greater than the intoxication of alcohol. For this it is necessary to have satsang in every village. The Abhiyan has selected the brothers and sisters of their own community to provide satsang and katha in their own language to the people of rural areas and training them on Ram Katha and Krishna Katha. The main training of Ram Katha is given in Ayodhya ji and the training of Krishna Katha is given in Vrindavan. On completion of the training, all the storytellers go to their respective workplaces and do satsang as well as stories. It is the job of the committees to take care of these storytellers, to worry about them, to conduct regular satsangs in the village and to organize one-day, three-day and five-seven-day stories of the storytellers. Completion of training of satsang heads once a year with local cooperation. Ram Mahotsav and Krishna Janmashtami festival have to be organized in every village. Films of Ramayana and Mahabharata are shown in the country through Sri Hari Darshan Rath. Its arrangement is done under the supervision of the organizing committee in the zones and sanchos. Gau Gram Yojana has been started in one sancho each of Bengal and Jharkhand under the pilot project. The real home of the cow is the farmer’s house. With the intention of protecting cows, the campaign worked to motivate farmers to keep such cows which do not give milk, and to make them a source of economic income by manufacturing and selling products produced from cow dung and cow urine. It is happening. If the cow is not sold then the cow will not be slaughtered. There are beliefs that Lakshmi comes to the house where the cow is served. We need this type somewhere in this homepage

    Our Goals

    Shikshit Gaon

    Every child must get basic education. They further literate their elders. No villager uses thumb impression now.

    Swastha Gaon

    All the villagers are taught preventive healthcare and hygiene. Children are given vaccination. Trained Arogya Sevika serves in the village.

    Swawlambi Gaon

    The motto is “Har Hath ko Kam, Har Khet ko Pani”. Encouraging organic farming to provide chemical free food and profitable farming. Reducing migration to cities

    Jagruk Gaon

    Motto is “Jagruk Matdata – Shikshit Gaon”. Functional and effective Gram Sabha practice duties and avail privileges of government welfare schemes.

    Nasha Mukt Gaon

    Liquor free villages. No Ganjha and Charas to be allowed in the village. Planting Tulsi as symbol of liquor free house.

    Samras Gaon

    Social harmony among village community. Eradication of untouchability. Promoting community participation and partnership.

    Award & Recognization

    Gandhi Peace Award

    President Shri Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi confer the Gandhi Peace Prize (2017) to Ekal Abhiyan Trust during an awards ceremony on 26th Feb 2019 at Rashtrapati Bhawan, in New Delhi, for Contribution in providing education for rural and tribal children in remote areas pan India, rural empowerment, gender and social.

    Excellent Education Provided to the Weaker Section of the Society

    BHARAT LOK SHIKSHA PARISHAD awarded for “Excellent Education Provided to the Weaker Section of the Society” Award & summit 2019.

    Real Hero Corona Award 2020

    Ekal Abhiyan Trust, Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad was awarded the Real Hero Corona Award 2020 on 04 October by Rotary Club Delhi University.

    Ekal Rattan

    Sh. Subhash Aggarwal Ji awarded as ‘Ekal Rattan’ for connecting more & more high end donors (Shatakveers) for supporting amount for 100 schools for BLSP.

    Sita Ram Jindal Award

    Sita Ram Jindal Award 2012 Received by Shri Sat Narain Bandhu Ji on behalf of Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad given by Shri Ravi Shankar Ji & Justice R.C.Lahoti Ji from S.R.Jindal Foundation.


    NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD for Education 2016 by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.

    Lala Diwan Chand Award

    Lala Diwan Chand Award received by Shri Shyam Ji Gupt Founder Member of Ekal Abhiyan given by Justice J.S Verma from Lala Diwan Chand Trust.


    CHHATRAPATI SAHU AWARD for Education 2016 Deccan Education Society, Pune

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